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Tarkine, Tasmania, Australia

Weather & Climate

Weather & Climate

Weather & Climate

Tasmania lies between 40°S and 43.5°S, and is recognised for its mild climate with four distinctive seasons. Summers are mild, with any hot periods rarely lasting more than a few days. Winters are not excessively cold, especially compared to places at similar latitudes in the northern hemisphere, thanks to the sea’s moderating influence.
In Tasmania you will be always be no more than 115 kilometres from the sea. The prevailing weather pattern is from west to east and as a result the west coast area, including the Tarkine, is the wettest.
Tasmania’s climate has been named ‘Best Temperate Island in the World’ in a number of reputable travel publications.


Climate Facts

Coastal areas of the Tarkine (Arthur River & Corinna areas):
Inland areas of the Tarkine (Waratah area):