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Tarkine, Tasmania, Australia



Frequently Asked Questions

We are sure you have many questions about the unique and beautiful Tarkine.
We are asked a lot of questions about the Tarkine, so we thought we’d put them all in the one area for you to view the answers. If you are unable to find an answer to your questions, please contact us.

No, but is a well formed gravel road 78kilometers to Corinna that will take you 2 ½ hrs to drive.

No, Tasmania’s weather is generally quite mild and the summers are very comfortable for camping and hiking. Wet weather usually takes place in winter, which makes the Tarkine a great winter destination with all the amazing waterfalls available to see. However, you should always be prepared should there be a sudden cold and wet change in the weather. Weather changes very quickly in Tasmania, and the major risk is exposure from cold if you are not prepared.

No, there are many short walks, lookouts and accessible wilderness areas that you can see with ease. Some only 5 minutes walk from your car.

You can access professional and experienced “Ranger support” at the Arthur River Parks and Wildlife Office.

Yes, you can drop into Smithton Visitor Information Centre for things to do and see in the Tarkine.

No, there is no formal registration system. You can document your walking / hiking plans at the Tarkine Hotel in the “informal register”. You have to be responsible for your own safety and those in your travel party when you visit the Tarkine.

Mobile phone reception is very limited in the Tarkine and should not be relied upon. Depending upon your phone company, there are a few sections of roads where you might get reception.

Yes, most car hire companies allow driving on gravel roads, with set conditions. Make sure you let then know that you are visiting the Tarkine.

Mostly no, but you can under restrictions at designated formal camping areas in Arthur River (you must check the permit arrangements as part of your camping fee)

Yes for fresh water fishing. A permit is not required for salt water fishing.

No, but you must only camp your campervan and motor home at the designated formal camping areas.

No, it is very damaging to the fragile coastal ecosystem to take vehicles on sand dunes. Contact the Parks and Wildlife Office at Arthur River for permits and enquiries about general off road vehicle use in the Tarkine.

No, please leave the native animals to forage for themselves.

Dogs are not allowed at Trowutta Arch. You can take your dog to most other areas in the Tarkine including Arthur River, but please remember that not everyone loves dogs nor does the wildlife. Keep dogs on a lead.