Sustainable Travel Tips

Sustainable travel tips

Ecofriendly (or sustainable) travelling means conserving natural resources, supporting local cultures and making a positive impact on our Tarkine destinations.

We believe that it is a special privilege to visit this delicate and immensely important environment, so we observe minimal impact track practices. We ask that you tread lightly, leaving nothing behind. This minimal impact use of the wilderness means that the values of this fragile environment are preserved for the future, while enabling people to enjoy and understand it today.

When considered with the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, the Tarkine forests are the second largest tract of mature coastal temperate rainforest in the Southern Hemisphere.

It is not just the forests that are distinctive. Underneath and on the edges of the callidendrous rainforest are rare magnesite karst systems, making the Tarkine a site of national significance for geoconservation.

The following includes a few sustainable travel tips that will go a long way in preserving our beautiful Tarkine and other sensitive ecosystems.

Support local

Purchase and enjoy local products by purchasing from:

  • local shops
  • farmers and farmers co-ops
  • food markets
  • when at a restaurant eat local cuisine and drink local wines… we have some of the best


  • use public transport wherever appropriate
  • use a petrol efficient vehicle, or go diesel, hybrid or electric
  • keep the vehicle’s tyres properly inflated
  • carbon offset your travel… air, sea, or road

Reduce, reuse and recycle

Try to reduce your dependency on plastics, and participate in the hotel/lodge recycling programs. Acquaint yourself with the local recycling program and sort your refuse accordingly.

Hit that switch

Easy ways to save energy at your lodgings are:

  • regulate the heating accordingly
  • leave doors and windows closed when heating
  • reuse sheets and towels
  • turn off lights and electronics when not needed
  • close blinds in the summer
  • allow sun through the windows in the winter

Tread lightly

  • be mindful and protect recreation sites
  • avoid sensitive and restricted areas
  • remove all rubbish from your campsite when leaving
  • when making a fire, only use fallen branches

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