Tarkine Carbon

What is Tarkine Carbon?

Tarkine carbon is one of the richest natural sources of carbon in Australia. The Tarkine contains Australia’s largest tracts of cool temperate rainforest and some of the most ancient species of Australia’s flora.

Many of the Tarkine’s trees evolved from ancestors dating back to over 60 million years ago when the southern continents were joined together as a landmass called Gondwana. Some of these trees are Leatherwood, Celery-top Pine, Sassafras, Huon Pine and Myrtle.

This makes the Tarkine rainforests perhaps one of the richest natural carbon sinks in Australia, holding over a staggering 100 million tonnes of carbon – a highly valuable asset in today’s world of climate change.

Given the vital role the Tarkine forests play in storing carbon, we encourage you to seek opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint when you visit. We suggest that you use a carbon calculator when planning your trip to see if you can reduce the carbon impact of your visit and seek carbon offset options.

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